Russian Open Air Controllers Cup Cyprus 2016

AndroSports together with Travel4Sport is proud to announce the completion of the Russian Open Controllers Cup held in Cyprus from 22nd of September to the 2nd of October.  “Goscorpatatsiya po OrVD” is a Russian company that represents the Air traffic controllers around Russia. As part of the healthy lifestyle initiative as well as teamwork building, the corporation has held the 16th Open Controllers Cup in Cyprus. This cup was dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Corporation.

20th Anniversary Football Cup.JPG

Areal Photo of The Football Cup Participants

16 teams from sixteen cities in Russia took place in the Cup. The sixteen teams were split into four different groups. The first two days of the cup was the group stage. The third day was the playoffs and the fourth day, was the final day to decide every place from the first to the sixteenths.

PlaceTeam Name City
1Air Navigation of Northern SiberiaTyumen
2Air Navigation of Western SiberiaNovosibirsk
3Air Navigation of Central SiberiaKrasnoyarsk
4Air Navigation of SouthRostov-on-Don
5Moscow center of Automated Air traffic controlMoscow
6Air Navigation of North EastMagadan
7Air Navigation of North WestSaint Petersburg
8Air Navigation of Far EastKhabarovsk
9Air Navigation of Eastern SiberiaIrkutsk
10General Directors of Goscorparation
11Air Navigation of UralYekaterinburg
12Air Navigation of Central VolgaSamara
13Crimea Air NavigationSimferopol
14Kamchatka Air NavigationPetropavlovsk Kamchatsky
15Air Navigation of Northern UralSyktyvkar
16Air Navigation of North Eastern SiberiaYakutsk

Air Navigation of Northern Siberia – The Football Cup Winners

Each game was held according to the FIFA rules, with small exceptions. Each half had duration of 20 minutes with a 5 minutes break. Four substitutions were allowed during the game including a backward substitution. The games were held on the full size football fields with eleven players on each side.

Close to 500 tourists have attended the event from the Russian federation. Majority of the guests stayed at the Callisto Holiday Village in Ayia Napa. The games have been held at the Aeneas Football Fields. Overall the event has been a success. This was the first time this event was held in Cyprus. Previously the cup was held in Turkey.